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Friday, August 28, 2009

Rainy Day!

It's a rainy day here in the East! The temperature is in the mid-60's, damp, humid and very wet. I love rainy days, it gives me an excuse to either: do nothing, read a good book, clean the house, go shopping, or my favorite...create some awesome jewelry. So far today I've managed to do nothing, start cleaning the house and created a new pair of earrings for my Etsy Shop. I'd like to accomplish a few things today: learn to write a better blog, update my shop and clean the house. I'm hoping I'll at least get one of them done, and not become too lazy about the others. Here's my design of the day:

Monday, August 17, 2009

Design of the Day -- Angelite Dream Earrings

It's a hot summer day here, we are experiencing our first heat wave of the summer. The temperature is in the high 90's with relatively low humidity (thankfully!). So I've spent the better part of my day indoors, enjoying the sunshine behind closed doors. The sky is a beautiful baby blue which was the inspiration for today's earring design.

Earlier today I went out and purchased a "real" tripod in an effort to improve my photographs. Here are the pictures of my new creation, taken on my new tripod. Not bad for a first try, huh?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer Rain Earrings, Antiqued

I love summer time and occasionally enjoy a warm rain shower. These earrings remind of the sky on a warm rainy summer day. A 10 mm soocho jade bead is topped with a flower bead cap, the whole earring was oxidized to enhance an antiqued look!

My Esty Shop is Open for Business!

I work a full-time job and have no extra time in the day to get a second one. I have been racking my brain for months, trying to figure out a way to make extra money. Then it hit me...I'm talented, creative and have a knack for making things. I bought a book on jewelry making and I was hooked. I made my first pair of earrings and from that moment, I couldn't make enough. I find the art of creating handmade earrings inspiring. I have a fondness for sterling silver, brass and copper. I like to combine them with natural gemstones, glass beads and man-made simulated stones. After working on this project for 3 weeks, I finally got up the courage to post my items online. Well let me tell you, this in of itself is a lot of work. First off I am not a photographer. I've managed to rig up a pretty decent tripod and have figured out the lighting needed to take semi-decent pictures. On that note, that is my next to photograph small items. Hey if your in the neighborhood, check out my new shop. Here's the address:

Thanks for visiting. Until next time...never let your dreams die!

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