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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fantastic Finds on Etsy

There are so many creative individuals on's overwhelming and amazing! Here's a seller: "Bags by Collette" that I think has some really awesome bags...functional, attractive and can hold just about everything. She doesn't just have bags though....she has wristlets, zip bags and jewelry bags. They are all adorably cute and highly functionaly. The fabric patterns are to die for, it makes you want to buy one of each....Check them out:

One of my the brown and aqua (maybe it's teal) favorite combination!

Shades of teal, green, brown, off cute is that??? Love it!!

OK I admit I picked these based on color...flashes of orange/ deep umber, lime green, teal, cream, and black....great looking wristlet!
Does this one need any explanation? Perfect for your ID, credit cards, extra cash or some loose change...all of her items are just waiting to be picked up...check it out!!

New Listings....

Dainty but simple...the marbled green prehnite compliments the coppery brown wire strip...great for everyday wear!

Creamy green grossular garnet hangs from oxidized handmade brass rings....surrounding a lemon yellow premium Czech glass a cold margarita in the summer time...yummy!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Items in My Etsy Shop!

Two new items have been added to my Etsy Shop!

Great for everyday wear, goes with the sparkle of the golden green pyrite onion briolette. Like a mirror you can see reflections in it.

Beautiful reddish brown carnelian is paired with warm antiqued copper brown ear wires. Anywho, I still have more to add, so keep checking back... Have a great Saturday!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tip--Homemade Jewelry Tools

I’m constantly searching for new jewelry tools. Tools to form the wire, hammer it, texturize it, etc… The cost of these tools can really add up after time. I’ve been using household items: wooden spoons, pill bottles, knitting needles, and anything else I can find to give me the shape and size that I want. I own mandrels: round, oval, square; bezels: oval and square, jump ring formers, etc…..but sometimes these items don’t give me what I'm looking for, I seem to always turn to my wooden spoons and knitting needles. It’s difficult to form consistently evenly formed rings around them though, due to not be able to pull the wire tight. Which then lends itself to much fiddling to get them even in the end. Really, who’s got that kind of time? Not me…so I was thinking that I needed a couple of different size dowel rods and I would be set. I picked up a tube of six different size dowel rods (50 dowels total) from Michael’s for $9.99, got a good deal because I had a 40% off coupon. Today, I cut them in half and then drilled holes in them. The smallest dowel is missing, too tiny to drill, but that’s fine I have a jump ring tool the same size!

Just insert the wire into the hole and start winding it around. The hole provides the support to really pull the wire tight and get consistently even rings. There you have it, your own homemade ring mandrels for less than two dollars.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Treasury Listing

I love the Etsy Treasury List, a lot of thought and creativity goes into making them. I love looking through them and checking out all of the creative people on Etsy. It's amazing to me what people can create. I've had the opportunity to make a Treasury List and loved how it made the seller's day. It's a big deal if you ask me to get in a Treasury. I'm so honored to be in this treasury and I thank Tracey at TCapone Photography for picking my necklace. She has been so kind featuring my items, I cannot thank her enough. Here's the treasury, my necklace is in the top row:

Today is a great day...Big Kudos to Tracey for making it into a Treasury as well! Here's the treasury with a link to her photograph. Her amazing photo is the first one in the second row...check out her photography in her Etsy Shop. She has a great blog that you can find here!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Creation of the Day

I've been working hard on my Etsy shop, my pictures are improving and I still have so many items to get on there. It's like a full-time job! Here's a favorite necklace of mine...great everyday necklace, goes with everything!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Exciting News...

Like I said in my previous post, I've met the nicest people on Etsy. This morning I woke up, checked my email and got great news. Tracey Capone Photography is featuring my necklace on her blog as one of her favorite things. I'm so flattered and honored that she picked my necklace to feature. Kudos to Tracey! I had my necklace on the Etsy Jewelry Showcase today and I think as a result of Tracey's posting I sold it! Yah for me! What makes her featuring my necklace on her blog even better is that her family is from the same area where I live...what a small world we live in! Please check out her photography, it's absolutely amazing and beautiful. So I'm partial to flowers, but I think this picture is sooooo beautiful....

Great Finds on Etsy...

I have met some of the nicest people on Etsy. I truly believe they want all of the sellers on there to succeed, I don't feel a sense of competition. I wanted to share with you my latest favorite. I picked ginaminda's fingerless glove for my Treasury on Etsy. After further exploration of her products decided to buy a pair. Unfortunately my skin reacts very poorly to wool. After conversing with her, she was kind enough to offer to custom make a pair out of Bamboo Silk Yarn. Check out her shop, her items are beautiful and well photographed. Aren't they adorable? Can't wait to receive them...I know they will be wonderful!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Treasury List on Etsy

I've been trying for weeks to get a Treasury list on Etsy. I haven't been successful, but today I wasn't even trying to get into the treasury and wouldn't ya know....I stumbled in! I randomly pick green items, specifically looking for bright greens. Here's a picture of it! I'm so excited and hope those that I featured are as well.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lacey Antiqued Brass and Glass . Necklace

I'm trying to be proactive in promoting my web shop. I've joined Twitter, I'd love it if you followed me: In between I've managed to create a new necklace, with the fall coming up, I think of turtle necks. Wouldn't this necklace look awesome with a black t-neck sweater?? Hues of blue, green and gold...combined with antiqued brass chain. Love it...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Design of the Day . Deep Sea Blue Necklace

It's so beautiful outside, temperature is just right in the low 80's, no humidity---which is awesome for my wildly curly hair! I've been working out in the yard, cleaning up the flower beds and just enjoying the last weeks of summer. I had made this necklace last night and decided to call it Deep Sea really reminds me of the deep sea. I combined both brass and copper for a cool effect. I'm really enjoying combining metals, I had been afraid to do so in the past. I will be showcasing my necklaces on Etsy next friday...I'm so excited!! Have a great week, let's hope the wonderful weather stays.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Design of the Day...Inspiration

Had some extra time tonight so I made these! Strong but sweet...not to mention sexy! They say that hematite is the healing and grounding stone. It strengthens the body and helps with resistance to life's stresses. The stone inspire inner life and helps to keep inward peace...hence the name Inspiration. Wishing everyone a great weekend and a safe & happy holiday!

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