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Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Esty Shop is Open for Business!

I work a full-time job and have no extra time in the day to get a second one. I have been racking my brain for months, trying to figure out a way to make extra money. Then it hit me...I'm talented, creative and have a knack for making things. I bought a book on jewelry making and I was hooked. I made my first pair of earrings and from that moment, I couldn't make enough. I find the art of creating handmade earrings inspiring. I have a fondness for sterling silver, brass and copper. I like to combine them with natural gemstones, glass beads and man-made simulated stones. After working on this project for 3 weeks, I finally got up the courage to post my items online. Well let me tell you, this in of itself is a lot of work. First off I am not a photographer. I've managed to rig up a pretty decent tripod and have figured out the lighting needed to take semi-decent pictures. On that note, that is my next to photograph small items. Hey if your in the neighborhood, check out my new shop. Here's the address:

Thanks for visiting. Until next time...never let your dreams die!

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