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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Treasury Listing

I love the Etsy Treasury List, a lot of thought and creativity goes into making them. I love looking through them and checking out all of the creative people on Etsy. It's amazing to me what people can create. I've had the opportunity to make a Treasury List and loved how it made the seller's day. It's a big deal if you ask me to get in a Treasury. I'm so honored to be in this treasury and I thank Tracey at TCapone Photography for picking my necklace. She has been so kind featuring my items, I cannot thank her enough. Here's the treasury, my necklace is in the top row:

Today is a great day...Big Kudos to Tracey for making it into a Treasury as well! Here's the treasury with a link to her photograph. Her amazing photo is the first one in the second row...check out her photography in her Etsy Shop. She has a great blog that you can find here!

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