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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Marvelous Monday...well only because I had the day off!!

I was blessed to have today off...the weather was unseasonably warm for November! Temps in the high 60's, sunny and not a cloud in the sky...just perfect.  I spent the majority of  my day indoors, taking photos. I get my best shots when the sun is shining and the natural light filters in through the windows.  So, although I would have rather traversed the land today, I am so happy that I got all my jewelry photos taken.  Now the long process of uploading and listing. Will save a few for each day!  I'd love to have at least 100 items in my shop before the holiday season arrives. Here's two fresh listings for you all to enjoy!  Hoping to post my "featured facebook fan #4" in the next few days...all depends on how the day goes!

Pia: Deep purple quartz is snuggled next to a gorgeous iridescent coppery purple rondelle, the focal pendant hangs from an antiqued flower chain!

Simplistic: Vintage acrylic grey nugget bead, perfect for everyday wear, goes with everything...very simple!

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