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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Facebook Give-A-Way!

The rules of Facebook have changed and you can no longer post give-a-ways, promos, etc….so I am announcing it here with hopes that you all will all help me out.  When I reach 350 fans I will be giving away a free pair of earrings.  Please spread the word, invite your friends! I’m only 15 fans away, so the give-a-way will be here before you know it! All fans will be entered unless they let me know that they are not interested. This is an easy give-a-way, you have to do nothing if you are a fan.  Winner will be drawn by for fairness.  Become a FAN! Thanks :-)
 FireShot capture #015 - 'DreamBelle Designs' - www_dreambelledesign_blogspot_com


  1. found you through link love.
    you have a great blog, so I'm happy to follow :)

  2. hey, nice banner! where'd ya get it?! ;)

  3. You do awesome work! I will be sure to spread the word!!

    I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Feel free to visit my blog to get your icon for your blog!

  4. Thank you Pat!

    Beth...I got it from someone special, looks good, huh? :-)

    Odin- I am honored to be nominated! Thank you for your kind compliments! Thanks so much for the nomination and I'm spreading the word too :-)

  5. Oh, Oh! No more 'give aways' on Facebook??? What do they care??? Oh much for that approach! Looking forward to learning who wins the DreamBelle Designs award and I am following!
    BTW: Since NO MORE FACEBOOK giveaways are approved, have you visited yet? When the Hide a Heart Fan Page reaches 600 fans, someone will receive a HAH of their choice. Visit to see which heart you'll choose if the winner! Guess I'll have to post the winner on the blog! Thanks for this tip! Yikes! I might have been a 'FB Outlaw'!

  6. PS I just checked You have reached 370 fans! Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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