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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother’s Day

Wishing all the Mom’s out there a wonderful Mother’s Day! May your day be blessed with happiness and joy! 

Yesterday I delivered 46 new items to the buy-sell-trade boutique that is carrying my line of jewelry--Nomad.  The boutique was inspired by the owner’s online Etsy shop: Le Amor. It’s a quaint little shop one block from Lafayette College.  Many awesome finds can be found from new to vintage.  Clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry and more.  Some of the clothing that you will find: American Apparel, Ann Taylor, Bebe, Banana Republic, Diesel 7,  JCrew, Kenneth Cole and the list goes on and on. Great shop for the local college students.  One can choose to sell their items for cash or receive store credit…great deal if you ask me for the starving college kid who’d like something new & fashionable.

If you live in or around the Lehigh Valley you can visit the shop in College Hill at 518 March St.


Here’s a few Etsy sellers featured at Nomad…

Vintage Fabric- Calico Kaleidoscope Dahling Mini Wristlet

Dahling Accessories beautiful eye-catching fabrics, awesome designs all with a vintage flair.

Vintage Rose Bead Earrings

Leo and Junie great jewelry inspired by nature with a vintage look!

Carnation Bouquet Fascinator - Vanilla Buttercup Trio

Ordinary Mommy hand-cut and hand stitched felt hair pieces and jewelry.  So many cute and unique designs to choose from!

tree of free spirit tri fold journal

Blue Toad Journals of Tremundo amazing journals with a unique design! Featured artisan on HGTV’s “That’s Cool!”

Have a great day! If you have a bit of extra time…check out all the new items in my Etsy Shop!


  1. Hi Susan! Nomad sounds like such a cool shop - I love that they support fellow Etsy sellers, what an awesome idea! Really makes me wish we had something like that around here. Maybe some day when I'm rich... :D Looks like it's about 4 hours away from me, but I am planning a very ambitious [for me!] trip to Philadelphia for an Eastern State Pen & Mütter Museum visit, so I could potentially take a little side trip. It would be so nice to see your designs in person too! Thanks for the post, I truly enjoyed it - hope you have a great day! :)

  2. Hi Kim~

    Thanks so much! When I started with Etsy, it was just a side hobby...never did I imagine my jewelry would end up in a shop! But the Etsy road has taken me in so many directions and I look forward to the future. Philly is an awesome place, if you've never been there I think you will love it! I'm about 40 miles North of the city and the shop isn't much further...would be awesome for you take a little side "road trip"! Let me know when you are going, I'd love to meet up with you along the way! Sweet thanks! <3


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