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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Splash of C.O.L.O.R.

The weekend started out gloomy - I was all psyched to stay indoors and just make jewelry. Then the sun came out, the air was warm and I just couldn't stay inside all day.  I cut the grass, did a little very, very little yard work, chatted with the neighbors, then got in my car, rolled the windows down and took a ride to my local Hobby Lobby.  Not that I need anymore beads or supplies...I just wanted to browse.  Browsing is dangerous for me - I always seem to find something I want to buy.  I came home with some Irish waxed linen cord, waxed cotton cord and these really cool Vintaj colored patinas.

These colored patinas produce a permanent finish on any type of metal.  They can be mixed, layered, sanded off for a worn look or thinned down for a light washing of color.  They don't required a sealer, but if you want the patina to last "forever" (is that possible??) I would recommend sealing them and then applying some Renaissance wax.  I did some playing around with the colors, you have to work quickly as the patina dries fast, which is an advantage over the dye oxide patinas I usually use.  Dye oxide patinas need to cure for 24 hours before you can seal them, let alone make anything with them.  The Vintaj patinas are much easier to use, don't require a heat source and the curing time is about ten minutes.  The color after it dries has shiny finish and looks almost like the piece has been enameled.

Here's a sampling of what I did with the patinas:

Clock wise from the top:
  • I mixed red & blue together to make purple (remember back in grade school when you learned which primary colors to mixed together to make other colors? - well that knowledge came in handy today! {grin})  
  • Etched copper disks were colored with rust and then washed with ochre.  
  • Next, I hammered some copper soldered rings flat, then textured them, followed by a patina of verdigris and a wash of cobalt. 
  • Fourth on the list - I had some etched copper that I cut into disks, then colored them with cobalt, used a sanding block to take off some of the color, then rubbed silver gilders paste to highlight the raised edges from the etching.  
  • Last, I had a pair of copper oval hoops that I had previously applied a dye oxide patina to that just didn't work out I sanded most of it off and then applied olive green patina mixed with a tiny bit of lacquer to produce a wash.  
Overall I'm pleased with the results and can imagine many other design ideas. I did seal all of the findings with lacquer and Ren wax for durability. I made earrings out of the pieces, but unfortunately by the time I got them all finished, I wasn't able to take photos.  Hopefully, can get them photographed in the next day or two.

I was able to get a photo of these earrings that I made from a tutorial from JewlieBeads.  Her tutorials are so easy to follow and include great photos, I highly recommend them.  The photo was taken before I gave the earrings a patina bath and tumbled them to bring out the highlights and shine.

Well...It's time for me to wind down for the night - I have so many design ideas, it's hard to put them aside and relax.  But I must...wishing you all a good night & a Happy Monday!

Live. Laugh. Love.

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