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Friday, January 8, 2010

Favorite Fellow Etsians & Tweethearts...Dean Custom Designs

Today I'm featuring another favorite fellow Etsian and Twitter friend~~ Dean Custom Designs ! So I bet you want to know what she designs, huh? Well, she designs "Purskeys"....what's a purskey you say? As quoted from her webshop: "- A Purse Charm, Keychain, or Zipper pull!!-"  So, you see a purskey has many uses, she'll even customize them for you, change out the the attachment at no extra cost to a lobster claw clasp, keyring or a lanyard.  It gets even better, she also makes very pretty earrings and bracelets....want your purskey to match? No problem, custom orders are always welcome! Go ahead, you know you want to visit her shop, you never might find that your purse could use a little bling!  ENJOY!! Here are some of my favorites from her Etsy Shop:

Perfect for Valentine's Day!

A little bit of bling and a whole lotta luv!

Great for all occasions, comes with matching bracelet!

Reminds me of a calm day at the beach!

Matching earrings in her shop!


  1. Such a great artist. I have one of her pursekeys and it's beautiful! Everybody should have one.


  2. TJBDesigns...I agree--I'm getting one too! Can't wait!


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