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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where I Do My Designing....

Are you ever curious as to what other artisans/ designers work areas look like? I am!  I wonder are they neat, tidy & organized or messy & disorganized....or maybe they are little bit of both!  I think I fall under the last one, neat and tidy...but then watch out disorganization will come quickly.  I don't have a studio per se, I only live in a three bedroom house.  That leaves a room for me to sleep in, a spare bedroom (for those out-of-town guests...mainly my niece and nephew!) and the other room doubles as my office and studio. Although, I'd like a bigger space, it works for me.  This way I design my jewelry and play online at the same time.  Ok sometimes I play online more than I design jewelry.
Here take a look ('s looking pretty neat & tidy right now):

Now look what happens when my creative mind opens up....woosh! I think an explosion may have occured...LOL!!

Well I hope you all enjoyed checking out my little designer space. Have a great weekend, we're half-way there!


  1. Thats great! I love to see where the creative process starts ... now I get to see where you tweet from too! lol

  2. That computer hates Tweetdeck, locks up...I usually am sitting on my bed tweeting away! Until I fall asleep with it! LOL...


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