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Friday, October 30, 2009

Fantastic Friday...or so it should be! I'm still laughing over this one....

TGIF...I'm going to say it again TGIF!!! It's been a long week at work, busy, stressful and just down right long... The week started out pretty good and then progessed to umm let's say undesirable. By hump day (known as Wednesday for those of you who don't know that "hump day" is not means the middle of the week, i.e. the hump ....he he!) I had had it.  I walked out of work, got in my car, turned the key...and lo and behold..."click, click, click"...nothing. Effing car wouldn't start, not something I wanted to deal with after a long day, all I wanted to do was go to the gym, get a good workout, come home, shower, eat something and r-e-l-a-x!

Well it wasn't to be...called AAA, the tow-truck dude was rude and mean to me! Hmmpff...why?? he jumped my car, it started and he said   "does your car always die when you let off the gas"...Umm, NO!!! Him: "well you might as well drive it home."   I told him I don't think so, take it to the dealer.  His response, "not without an address." Yikes, dude can't I just give you directions???  him: "I have GPS, need an address"....umm, ok $#&*(%!!! I quickly learned how to use VZ navigator, provided the address and he was off. 

My dear friend took me to get a rental car, and as luck would have it...."NO" rental cars available.  By this time I'm ready to cry--so not like me, but I was tired and stressed.  So my friend says to the Enterprise dude (ED) "what about that truck that lady just droppped off?"  Enterprise dude "oh sure, I can give her that"  Friend: "And you'll give it to her for the price of car, since you don't have one?" ED: "sure..$50.99/ day"  Me: eyes popping out of my head, I've never driven a pick-up truck.  ED dude says I'll be fine handling it since I drive a Grand Cherokee.....yeah o.k. buddy!  So out we go to the truck, in the mean-time tow truck man, turns the corner with my car..."umm why are you turning here?" Oh I see why, you are towing another car behind friend says "do you think your car will make it to the dealer or will it be sold for parts?"....LOL, I don't even care at this point, crankiness is deep within me!

So I get in the let me tell you this is a BIG A$$ TRUCK....Chevy Silverado, double cab 4 door, 4 x 4....he he!! and I can't get the thing to move.  So I saunter back into the rental joint, and meekly ask "can you back this truck out for me, please....I can't seem to get the emergency brake off" <--pathetic female. Well the Enterprise dude, has trouble too...I no longer feel like an ass.  Finally I get this big a$$ truck moving...and I finally have realized why men like to drive pick-up trucks...people get out of your way and you get what is know as "truck balls"...he he!  I couldn't stop laughing at the thought of me driving this pick-up truck all nite and it continued into the next day...I'm posting a pic here for all of you to enjoy!

Thankfully I only drove 40 miles in that truck, for a tune of $83 dollars, yee gads!! expensive rental!!...and am happily driving my own Grand Cherokee once again that cost very little to repair in comparison. Somebody is definitely on my side...but I'm still chuckling over the pick-up truck...he he!

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