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Monday, October 26, 2009

Featured Facebook Fans...#1 Tiny Treasures

I've made a promise to my most recent Facebook fans that I would feature their shops on my blog. So that's what I am going to doing over the next few days, or however long it takes me!

I'm so happy to feature these fans and believe it's got multiple benefits:

1. Supporting and promoting other artisan I truly want us all to succeed....AND I really love checking out other's creative styles and abilities. There are so many amazing artisans that at times it's overwhelming.
2. I'm connecting with some really neat people and I love getting to know new people!
3. Hey...I'll admit it, I want more facebook fans!...can't blame me, huh?

Well now on to the good stuff. My first featured artist is Tiny Treasures, she has been part of the Etsy world since December 2008. She takes vintage jewelry and upcycles it, making new and unique jewelry, creating new memories...that simply put are like Tiny Treasures.

If you are new to the world of being "green" and aren't aware of what upcycling is, I've provided a link to wikipedia for a more in depth explanation. But basically it's taking the old and making something new-- how's that for an elementary explanation?? he he... I personally think the idea of upcycling is great, and probably should look into my own jewelry box and see what Tiny Treasures I could put to good use or pass on...

I've picked out three tiny treasures that I really like...all are available in her shop and very reasonably priced! Please visit her shop and show your support: Tiny Treasures on Etsy!

GOLD NEST: The picture says it all, no explanation needed. I love gold and silver combined together has a very classy look!

BLACK FLOWER & PEARLS: nothing says classy and elegant more so than black paired with pearls!! Every girls needs a set of pearls....

WISH: adorable and cute, perfect for everyday or as a gift for that crazy teenager in your life! The best part, she can make this necklace in other words: dream, love, live, faith, hope, angel, and luck...something for everyone!

Well that's all for this featured FB Fan and fellow Etsian...I do wish her the best and may her shop be prosperous and make others happy!

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